Mikhail Pavin
Born on February 27, 1958 in Vladivostok, Russia.
Son 23, daughter 22.
PO address: Russia, 690091, Vladivostok,
Svetlanskaya, 5, ARKA gallery, for Mikhail Pavin
Phone +7 4232 336288


1975 - secondary school with deep studying physics and mathymatics.
1980 - Far Eastern High Engineering Marine Scool, Vladivostok, mechanical engineer.
1983 - special cours of English for seamen.
1993 - seminar "PR campaign during privatization in Russia" held in Vladivostok by Thomas Miller Group agency, London.

Labour activity:

1980-1987 - Far Eastern Shipping Company, mechanical engineer. Was the best in non-standard situations. In polar sailing, executed a number of repairing works, wich usually require ship repairing plant.
1987-1988 - Primorye Alliance of Photographers "Studio A", low rank manager. Organized a mumber of popular exhibitions of local and Soviet photographers. Preparing posters and booklets for printing, studied basic principles of polygraph production.
1989-1990 - Pacific Inatitute of Fishering and Oceanography (TINRO), advertizing manager. Using the "Corporate Identity" strategy, rendered assitance in promotion of a number of scientific projects. Produced the first commercial video movie.
1993-1994 - The Pacific Herald weekly, designer-in-chief. Using 286 PC, made this weekly one of the best-designed in Primorye region.
1994 - Designed Annual Report for ACFES Corporation.
1995-1996 - Designed trademark and corporate style for the First Primorye Bank, working as the designer of communication medias, assisted to fulfil programs of development.
1997 - design-bureau "Maximum", chief manager. Thanks to the unique conseption of promotion, reached good financial results without self-advertizing in mass-media. (My own income increased 1000 USD per month, it is very good for Vladivostok).
1997-2000 - designed and prepared for printing 2-volume, well-illustrated refference book "Orders and Medals of the USSR", VORON Publishing. Printed in Singapore, this book has become bestseller among collectors, it's rating is higher than american analogue, printed in 1996.
2001-2002 - preparing for printing 3-volume (1200 pages) illustrated refference book "Awards of Russia", wich is better than previous one.
2003 - teacher of advertizing photo in the Institute of design, Jilin College of Arts, Changcun, China

Creative activity:

1983 - the first exhibition
Untitled - with Igor Baidrakov, icebreaker Admiral Makarov, Polar sea.
Annual exhibition of the photographic club "Dolphin" - Youth Theatre, Vladivostok.
Untitled - with art group "Inter", Dalnegorsk and Kavalerovo, Primorsky region.
Rock-Vladivostok - the first solo exhibition, "Ocean" movie cinema, Vladivostok.
Simply Exhibited -
with Nikolay Gorban, House of Culture of V.Lenin, Vladivostok
Rock-Vladivostok - with Alexey Voronin, Rock Festival in Cherepovets, Russia
Primorye photographers exhibition - ARTETAGE gallery, Vladivostok
The same collection - Niigata, Japan
100 Photographs Of Mikhail Pavin. photoalbum
Ladies Portrait - collective, Kavalerovo, Primorsky Region
Four Suites. The 1930s in 1990s. - collective, State Museum of V.Arseniev, Vladivostok
110 selfportraits. Artists of Primorye - collective, ARTETAGE gallery
Photographics, Computer graphics - solo, ARTETAGE gallery
Simply The Best* - solo, PREMIERA Art Cafe
Ones More About Love - collective, VERSAL gallery
Vladivostok-1999 - collective, VERSAL gallery
Vladivostok. The City and The Faces - collective, ARTETAGE gallery
Kids Portraits - collective, ARTETAGE gallery
Four Photographers - collective, M.Guelman gallery, Moscow
Simply The Best - solo, Primorye State Gallery
All We Need Is Love - collective, Primorye State Gallery
Marina Kulikova And Her Friends - collective, Primorye State Gallery
Siberia-2000 - Iinternational photosalon Novosibirsk
Favourite Models of Mikhail Pavin - solo, Novosibirsk
Art Forum Berlin - art fair Berlin, Germany
Favourite Models of Mikhail Pavin - solo, ARKA gallery, Vladivostok
Non-Dependance - competition of posters, ARTETAGE gallery
Art Moscow-2001 - international art fair, Moscow
Simply The Best - solo, ARKA gallery
Simply The Best - catalogue
Pictures From Exhibition - video version of the catalogue
Welcome To Vladivostok - with Elena Sotskova, ARKA gallery
The First DiMention project - the longest photograph in the world
Niets Is Wat Het Lijkt - international project, ARTETAGE gallery
Art Forum Berlin - international art fair, Berlin
Simply The Best - solo, Kavalerovo
The First DiMention project - videomovie
Siberia-2002 - International photosalon, Novosibirsk
Art Moscow-2002 - international art fair, Moscow
Welcome To Reality - art action devoted to interrupting exhibition activity in Vladivostok
Hiking About Erogenous Zones - solo, Kavalerovo
Photos From Vladivostok- collective, FIRST gallery, Makhachkala, Dagestan
Art Miami- international art fair, Miami
The First DiMention - solo, D-137 gallery, St.Petersberg
Art Moscow-2003- international art fair, Moscow

*Simply The Best is the series of the Mikhail Pavin shows presenting his best photographs printed by the time of an exhibition, mostly unexposed before.

What I can teach best of all:


Some thoughts about teaching photography:

I am shure, that the teaching program must be well-integrated into teaching process of the College and depends on local conditions.

When teaching, I try to use individual interest and competition as much as possible. This method was successively tested during teaching technical drawing in a secondary school.

Creative tasks stimulate students to study some other sciences, such as chemistry, physics etc. and give big satisfaction when finished.

That is why it is very important to make the student feel as a real artist.

At the same time, he must have an opprtunity to see his photos in differint medias: as a part of exposition, printed in booklet, catalogue or poster, on video, in the Internet, etc. It will give him an understanding what is Photography.

After such a cours, diligent student will be able practically use his experience in different fields of activity - advertizing, web-design, mass-medias, technical photography etc.






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